Stopping the abuse of drugs or alcohol can be one of the most difficult challenges a person ever faces. It may feel like your body and mind actively work against you, making it all that much more difficult to abstain. Beyond that, withdrawal can be painful, even dangerous. An addict with a chemical dependency may not be able to stop using substances safely. After prolonged substance abuse, the body adjusts to function only with the consumption of the substance. That makes removing the substance from the addict’s body difficult and dangerous yet critically important. At 7 Star Recovery, we have helped so many through the withdrawal process so that they can begin again. 

The Symptoms

It’s natural and understandable to want to stop using substances on your own. However, if you try to stop using and feel very agitated, irritable, anxious, and/or you’re unable to sleep, then it’s best to be watched over by medical professionals. Those are, in many cases, the mildest symptoms of withdrawal. Others could suffer nausea, tremors, and even seizures, fever, and hallucinations. Those are not the kinds of symptoms that can be mitigated on your own. At 7 Star Recovery, our medical professionals can make sure that you’re treated properly, always safe and secure. 

The Timeline 

We’ve found that some have a misconception about how long it takes for the symptoms of withdrawal to appear. Actually, it can happen rather quickly. To use alcoholism as an example, in six to twelve hours after the last drink, an alcoholic usually begins to suffer withdrawal’s earlier, milder symptoms. This could be anything from an upset stomach to a headache, anxiety, insomnia, or all of the above. The worse symptoms appear after 24 hours, when the hallucinations, seizures, and more can begin. 

Help and Hope 

You don’t have to face withdrawal alone. At 7 Star Recovery, our team of experienced professionals have helped so many people just like you through even the most difficult withdrawal. Hopefully, your withdrawal is an easier one. You pass through it quickly, with minimal pain and discomfort, only to feel refreshed and revitalized on the other side. However, if that is not the case, then you want the right team in the best facility by your side, watching over you every step of the way. To begin the process or just to get more information, we’re always here to take your calls 24/7/365: (818) 946-0998. Verify your insurance here.