Have you been looking into detox and rehab facilities but are worried about what detox might be like? Have you seen the detoxification process in movies and on TV and found that it seems intimidating, even a bit scary? That’s perfectly understandable. The good news is that detox is nothing like what you might have seen in popular entertainment. That said, it can be challenging and difficult. Those are just some of the reasons that so many have come to us at Seven Star for their detox. We can help in a variety of ways. Below, we wanted to lay out some of what you can expect when you detox here.

The Beginning

When you arrive at Seven Star, the 1st step is a comprehensive evaluation. Our medical experts will go through a thorough medical assessment of you, your physical health, your health history, your history of substance abuse, and so much more. From that, they’ll be able to glean quite a bit of information. All of this will be used to put together a detox and treatment plan for your specific needs. That way, you’re always getting something that’s right for you.

Detoxification Process

The Symptoms

There’s no getting around it: detox can lead to some extreme, challenging withdrawal symptoms. They can be uncomfortable, painful, and even dangerous. Indeed, they’re one of the many reasons that so many need a detox process overseen by medical professionals: to ensure that the process is as safe, secure, and comfortable as possible. Hopefully, you only experience sweating, a runny nose, or a headache. Others may experience cramps, muscle/bone pain, nausea, or even hallucinations and seizures. No matter what, our staff will be by your side to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

How Our Staff Helps

Speaking of our staff, they know how to deal with essentially every withdrawal symptom, as they’ve seen them all before over the years. In many cases, they’ll be able to assist by administering non-habit-forming and entirely safe medication. By that same token, they’ll also be able to change your treatment plan on the fly to respond to changing circumstances, putting all their focus and attention towards ensuring that you are as comfortable and safe as possible throughout the entirety of the detoxification process.

Today is a Great Day to Detox

When you come out of detox, in a very real way, you’ll feel refreshed, you’ll feel “new.” Your body will be cleansed of all of the toxins that had sat in your body for so long. So, you will be able to, in a very real way, have a fresh start. To that end, so many who come to Seven Star for detox stay for treatment, so that they’ll be able to have the best possible foundation for living a healthy, happy, and sober life. To start the process, or to see how we can help, you can reach us at (888) 925-1655.