Are you looking for addiction treatment in an environment that’s safe, secure, and feels like home? Do you want to just get away from everything in your life, so that you can focus on your recovery, overcome your addiction, and start anew? Those are just some of the reasons that people just like you have come to our residential treatment in the past. Here, at our recovery center, you can take that next step forward into a new chapter of your life. There are many reasons that those in need choose Seven Star Recovery.

Gorgeous Facilities that Feel Like Home

We named our center “Seven Star Recovery” for many reasons, not the least of which is because it’s less of a “center” and more of a “grand estate.” On a secluded, private drive, far from the city, Seven Star Recovery is an oasis, a sanctuary, free from intrusion and everything which has exacerbated your addiction. That said, our estate offers far more than just separation from your life in the city. Here, you can find all of the treatment and amenities a top-notch treatment center has to offer.

A Higher Level of Residential Treatment

Pools, yards, an estate that’s essentially a mansion, gorgeous sunsets, and greenery – those are important parts of Seven Star Recovery. However, we define the luxurious nature of our estate as much by the grounds as we do by the staff. Here, we’ve hired the absolute best treatment professionals in their respective fields. In this context, we define “best” as both “the most trained and qualified” as well as “the best at working with people.” Everyone on our staff has a proven track record supporting patients as well as their families through the early steps of recovery, so that they can move on to the others.

Medical and Psychologically Sophisticated Treatment Program 

Our residential treatment is exactly that: when you’re here, you’re here 24/7. When you arrive, you’ll undergo a thorough, comprehensive assessment from one of our medical professionals. From there, they’ll put together the best treatment plan for your needs. Then, from sunup till it’s time for bed, you’ll experience treatment that’s made specifically for you. Therapy (individually as well as in groups), exercise, reflection, meditation, and more – your treatment will empower you to take those early steps that put you in control of your sobriety as well as your life.

A Welcoming Community With an Open Door

Sometimes, when people see pictures or videos of Seven Star, they can be a bit intimidated, perhaps thinking that such a location is not for them. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Seven Star Recovery is, to us, more than just a treatment center, more than just an estate. It’s a community. Specifically, it’s a welcoming, open community, where so many have found what they need to live healthy, happy, and positive lives on their own terms. To find out more information or to start the intake process, you can reach us at (888) 460-7776