Have you been wondering if residential addiction treatment is right for you or someone that you love? Does it feel like it would be a real commitment, stepping out of your life to go to a detox and rehab facility? The truth is that, yes, residential treatment is different from outpatient. You won’t be doing it at home or anything like that. You’ll be at the facility. You’ll stay there at night and you’ll wake up there in the morning. But, for many, this can be the best, most effective form of treatment for a variety of reasons.

You’re Supported 24/7

That’s perhaps the main benefit of residential treatment. There’s always someone there to support you. Unlike outpatient programs, where you go home and you’re on your own for a period of time each day (where the risk of relapse is high) instead, you’ll have someone there throughout the day and night. Our trained, expert staff will be here to help you to build a foundation for the rest of your life once you step out of Seven Star Recovery.

Residential Addiction Treatment

A Safe, Secluded, Gorgeous Environment

So many who are struggling with addiction right now are also in a challenging environment. There is any number of “triggers,” situations, relationships, and more, that could very well be contributing towards the addiction, making it that much more difficult to be able to get clean and sober in addition to staying that way. When you’re in residential treatment, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, you’ll be in a safe, secure, and secluded environment that’s entirely free of all of that which may have worked against you and for your addiction. By that same token, our grounds are gorgeous, so you’ll be in the height of luxury as you work to find and overcome those root causes that your addiction is a symptom of.

Focusing on What’s Important

While we offer “residential treatment,” it’s important to note that isn’t a “blanket” statement. Yes, everyone at Seven Star Recovery for residential treatment stays on the grounds, but everyone’s “residential treatment” is different. See, when you arrive here, you’ll go through a thorough, comprehensive medical assessment. Armed with that information, our staff will put together a treatment plan that’s perfect for you and you alone. That way, you’re always receiving the best care for your exact, specific needs.

The Start of the Rest of Your Life

Residential treatment can be the beginning of a healthy, happy, and sober life – lived on your terms. That said, for that beginning to begin, you have to take the first step. So many have told us over the years how hard it was, what a challenge it was to pick up the phone and call us, to send us that message through our site. However, each of them would also say that it’s worth it, that you can take that next step towards the life that you want. You can reach us at (888) 925-1655.