When you’re struggling with addiction, does it feel like you aren’t in control of your own mind? Do you feel like you’re always “all over the place,” as if you never actually really feel calm or at peace? Just about everyone dealing with addiction who walks through our doors says some version of that. Here at Seven Star Recovery, we treat the entire person: body and mind. To that end, one of the most effective treatments is meditation. There’s a variety of reasons we incorporate this into so many treatments.


Boost Your Physical Health

Surprising as it may be to some, there are genuine, literal physical health benefits for meditating often. Studies have shown that it can actually improve your health or even potentially your immune system. It can certainly lower your blood pressure. Perhaps most importantly: it feels good. A significant part of your treatment here at Seven Star Recovery is about finding ways to feel good, to feel physically great in positive, healthy ways. Meditating can help with this dramatically.

Improve Your Mind

At least initially (and often long) meditating at Seven Star will be overseen and/or guided by our professionals. That way, they can start you off right, building a foundation for you to utilize. To that end, meditating often can help you lessen your anxiety, potentially mitigating the symptoms associated with mood disorders. If you’re like so many who’ve been struggling with addiction, you may feel anxious and harried. Through meditating consistently, you’ll be able to overcome that.

Stress Reduction for Better Sleep and More

The early stages of recovery are, for many, stressful. We do everything we can to make a safe, secure, and welcoming environment, yet for so many it is still a new environment, a new life, and it would be unnatural to think that such an endeavor would be entirely stress-free. That’s just one of the reasons that many treatments start with the meditating early on. That way, you can learn to be more mindful and less reactive. You can set that time aside to stop, relax, and ultimately, recover from stress in a healthy, positive, and ultimately productive way.

Beyond Meditation in Your Treatment

So many of our most successful patients, those who have left Seven Star Recovery to go on to lead the healthy, happy, and sober lives that they always wanted, told us that they had never meditated once before they arrived here. Now, it’s a part of their everyday lives. It’s just one facet of treatment here. To see all that we offer or to start the process, you can reach us at.

(888) 460-7776