Havening therapy is a form of psychological therapy that helps with mental health by blocking or removing memories associated with traumatic events. This therapy incorporates distraction, touch, and eye movements. It is a newer therapy catching momentum within the last decade. However, many people wonder whether this therapy is legit or not. It’s an entirely legit therapy that focuses on the ideal of touch that boosts the production of serotonin in the brain. This chemical calms individuals and separates them from disturbing life memories and experiences.

How Does The Havening Therapy Work?

Havening therapy is a technique that uses touch to cover an individual’s memories of trauma. The Havening approach calls for three steps:

First, the therapist summons all available mental faculties of the patient. Second, the therapist educates the patient about what they will do and why it will help them. Finally, during treatment, the therapist gently taps or lightly touches different parts of the patient’s body in three stages. It is believed to release hormones that enhance one’s mood and health.

Havening Therapy

What Does This Therapy Help With?

This therapy is mainly used to recover from painful experiences, like losing a loved one. The patient holds onto these memories for years, which takes a toll on their mental health. They are constantly stressed and experience anxiety that impedes regular life.

According to reports, anxiety and stress disorders are the most common mental illness in the US. It affects around 40 million adults aged 18 or above every year. Moreover, only 36.9% of suffering individuals receive treatment. Thus, this type of therapy becomes critical for faster recovery.

This therapy helps patients detach themselves from these memories by activating positive feelings rather than pain and hurt. It also redeems the individual’s sense of control over past traumas, strengthening their decision-making abilities in future events.

This therapy is generally used for patients that suffer from severe posttraumatic stress disorder or depression. The main benefit of this treatment is the speed at which it works. Unlike most other treatments, it only takes one to two sessions to see results. This technique has also been shown to improve sleep patterns and decrease feelings of stress.

What Are Some Advantages Of It?

This therapy is one of the only few proven to be effective in just one or two sessions. Other therapies take months, sometimes even years, before patients begin to feel any relief from their symptoms. This therapy can help individuals deal with problems like addiction and anxiety. The speed at which it works makes it far more convenient and beneficial than other therapies, and it’s a completely legit way to combat one’s mental health.

Is This Therapy Legit?

It is entirely legit and has been shown to help patients improve their mental health in only a matter of weeks. This new treatment isn’t widely known, but it’s one of the fastest-growing therapies in the world. This therapy helps patients take back control over their lives and heal from what haunted them for years. This therapy is completely safe and has shown to be more beneficial than other treatments that cause side effects or take years before producing any results.

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