Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

As someone struggling with an addiction, do you feel disconnected from yourself, like you really aren’t in control? Does it seem like you try as hard as you can to get your life back on track, yet nothing really seems to work? So many have come to Seven Star Recovery for those exact reasons (as well as similar ones), looking for a way to overcome their addictions as well as those addictions’ root causes. We put together an individualized treatment plan for each specific patient. However, just about all of them include individual therapy for many reasons.

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy to Better Understand Yourself

At Seven Star Recovery, we only hired therapists who understand addiction as well as those who struggle with it. So, you’ll always sit down with a therapist who knows exactly what you’re going through and also has a proven track record of helping folks in your exact position. As with so much else in recovery, success with a therapist doesn’t come immediately, overnight, or anything of the sort. That said, in short order, you and your therapist will design a course of action to overcome not just the symptoms of your addiction, but what’s really causing it.

Discovering Those Root Causes

Addiction, awful as it may be, is a symptom. Specifically, it’s a symptom of something inside you, some trauma, some trigger, something that needs to be addressed. You may be aware of it or, as so many are when they arrive at Seven Star Recovery, you may not be. But, through working with your therapist one on one, you’ll discover exactly what this root cause is. Then, the two of you will work together to address it, overcome it, and ultimately, be able to lead the life that you want.

Building a Foundation

When you’re struggling with an addiction, it takes a toll on essentially every facet of your life. Your body, mind, and spirit – each of them suffer from the addiction. One particular facet that’s often overlooked: communication skills. When you’re in the grips of addiction, it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re feeling and thinking, let alone how to express it openly and honestly. Through working with a therapist, you’ll strengthen and regrow this skill and many others, so as to be in charge of your life once your time at Seven Star Recovery ends.

A Treatment for Your Needs

Individual therapy is a crucial part of just about everyone’s journey at Seven Star Recovery. That said, it’s just one of our many treatments. Often, it’s paired with many other kinds of treatments. If you’re ready to take that first step, or just want to learn more, you can call us at .

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