Have you been considering going to a detox and rehab facility but are concerned about your health during the pandemic? Are rehab centers open during Covid? We understand just how grave a threat the pandemic is. Indeed, it’s very hard to focus on your health, your happiness, and your sobriety, if you fall ill or have a breakthrough infection. Here at Seven Star Recovery, we’ve provided our services safely throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so.

Addiction and COVID-19

Unfortunately, during the lockdowns, many turned to drugs, alcohol, and other toxic substances to get by, to feel better. Several studies across the world have shown that overdoses and excessive drinking have only increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Couple that with job losses, losing healthcare, and more, so many have struggled with addiction. Here at Seven Star Recovery, we have helped those in need throughout the entire pandemic, staying open while providing safe, effective care.

Are Rehab Centers Open During Covid

At Seven Star Recovery, We Stay Open the Right Way

The virus cannot be wished away, nor can be it ignored in the operation of a detox and rehab facility. By that same token, a facility like ours cannot close, as there are always those in need (especially now) From the onset of the pandemic, we made sure to always utilize proper masking (including n95s on staff), consistent testing, hand sanitizer, social distancing, and more. Then, once the vaccine became available, our staff all became vaccinated. Through this, we’re able to offer not just care but peace of mind. When you work with Seven Star, you don’t have to worry about the pandemic. Instead, you can focus on yourself.

Continue to Help Throughout the Crisis

We understand that so often, addiction is tied to struggles with mental health. Unfortunately, during this time, many have faced a mental health crisis. Whether it was due to a significant life change, simply not being able to go to all of the places they did in the past, the isolation, and so much more, our mental health services have become more necessary than ever. As always, we treat those who require “dual diagnosis” treatment among so many other kinds of treatments. Whether you need help with mental health concerns, addiction, or both, we can help you to discover their root causes. Then, we’ll work with you till you ultimately overcome them.

So, Are Rehab Centers Open During Covid?

As of this writing, we take any and all recommended and necessary precautions when it comes to the pandemic. As circumstances change, we’ll change with them, so that we’re always providing the best kind of care for anyone who walks through our doors. Don’t let the pandemic scare you off from getting the treatment that you need, or the treatment that someone you love needs. To start the process or to learn more, you can reach us at (888) 925-1655.