Are you or someone you love struggling with addiction and you aren’t sure what to do? Does it feel like addiction withdrawal treatment is the right thing to do, but you aren’t sure where or how to do it? It’s perfectly understandable and human to be reticent to go to a detox and rehab facility. Even when you’re at your lowest in dealing with addiction, detox and rehab are a new experience, they’re something different, potentially scary. Here at Seven Star Recovery, we do everything in our power to make the withdrawal process that much easier than it might be otherwise on people.

Potential Symptoms of Withdrawal

One of the more common questions we’re asked is: “how do you know if someone needs treatment?” Not to answer a question with a question, but, ask yourself: “have you tried to quit using the substance?” If you can’t quit nor can you cut back your usage, then you need help. Perhaps you tried to stop in the past and had to deal with uncomfortable or even painful withdrawal symptoms. Anything from anxiety to sweating, vomiting to hallucinations, even tremors and seizures is possible. We can be by your side literally every step of the detox process.

Addiction Withdrawal Treatment

A Staff that can Help Your Withdrawal

If you’re trying to detox on your own, it’s incredibly challenging to go through tremors, vomiting, and other symptoms all by yourself. When you detox us, our experienced medical staff knows how to mitigate and reduce your symptoms. Whether it’s through the proper administering of safe, non-habit forming medications, or through any other treatment, we can make your detoxification as comfortable as can, far less challenging than it might be otherwise. In our gorgeous facility, overseen by our exemplary staff, you’ll find a detox that fits you and your needs.

The Right Addiction Withdrawal Treatment for Your Needs

Speaking of you and your needs, we don’t guess at those. When you first arrive here, you’ll go through a thorough, comprehensive medical evaluation. This will cover just about everything: your physical health, history with addiction, and so much more. From that, we’ll be able to put together a treatment plan for you and you alone. That way, when you’re in detox and once you’re out, you’ll be able to get a treatment that’s just right for your needs. We draw upon our years of experience to be able to treat you the way that you should be treated.

After Detox, Withdrawal Prevention, and More

Detox, and overcoming withdrawal symptoms, are some of the most challenging steps of the entire recovery journey. That said, they’re just one step. They’re an important step, but, for many, they’re just the beginning. Once you’ve detoxed, you’ll find that you feel renewed, as your body will be, quite literally, free of the toxins that have held you back for so long. So many who come to us initially for detox then stay to continue on the journey of recovery here at Seven Star. To start your journey, call us at (888) 925-1655.