Recovering from addiction is never a straightforward process, meaning that treatment will have a lot of different components that need to be balanced throughout. Of course, this will vary from person to person since substance abuse is something that affects everyone differently. One of the many different treatment methods that are incorporated into rehabilitation is havening therapy, which aims to help patients with specific psychological problems. If you’re looking for havening therapy near you, here is some information about the treatment you might find useful.

Havening Therapy in Tarzana, California

If you’d like to understand the concept of havening therapy, think of it as the transitive verb form of the word “haven”. Haven, as you might know, means sanctuary, a place of both safety and refuge. And so, havening therapy is intended to place the patient in person in a safe emotional space that helps them cope with and heal from psychological problems. Not exactly a physical space, but an emotional one.

Developed by Ronald and Steve Ruden, this form of alternative therapy is implemented across different treatment programs in order to treat the psychological distress that can stem from phobias, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety. This can make it a great tool when it comes to treating people who are suffering from addiction, for it can help address underlying issues and reduce the patient’s overall strain.

How Does Havening Therapy Work?

Now, looking havening therapy near you is good, but you also need to understand the way it works. Havening works very differently from other forms of therapy, merely by virtue of it not involving the patient doing introspective work out loud. Conventional forms of therapy tend to involve the patient speaking with their treatment professional through different dynamics. However, that’s not the case with havening at all.

Instead, while implementing the Havening Touch, the patient doesn’t have to be talking about upsetting events or feelings. The method consists of eliciting delta brain waves and acting directly on the receptors in the brain where trauma is believed to be stored. This is done in order to regulate the emotional charge, and it mostly takes place while the patient is distracted. This is what makes havening such a unique approach and such a great treatment complement.

How Can Havening Help?

Havening is not meant to be a sole means of treatment, especially when it comes to such complex conditions such as addiction. However, it can be used as a very effective component for distressed people whose underlying conditions involve trauma, anxiety, and stress. Overall, the point of havening treatment is to target and lower the distress levels of the person in question.

Those who struggle with stress links with trauma, as well as predisposition to physical and psychological ill-health, have been found to benefit the most from havening therapy treatment. This is what makes it a very effective component of overall addiction treatment, allowing for patients to better address their underlying conditions and find a more comfortable emotional space to continue their overall recovery journey.

Havening Therapy in Tarzana, California

Havening Therapy Near Me

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