Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Have you tried therapy in the past for your addiction but it hasn’t seemed effective? Does it feel like your emotions overwhelm you sometimes, and there’s seemingly nothing you can do about it? Here at Seven Star Recovery, our goal is to be able to craft an effective, unique treatment for anyone. So, to do that, we have the best, most experienced therapists qualified in many different kinds of therapy. To that end, we offer “DBT” or “Dialectical Behavior Therapy.” It’s helped so many to start and lead the sober, happy life that they want.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dialectical Behavior Therapy

How DBT Works

Basically, the main focus of DBT is emotional regulation, helping someone to better regulate their emotions. So, much of this therapy consists of discovering exactly what “triggers” someone’s emotional response. Then, the therapist works with the patient to develop tools and strategies to better deal with emotions that had previously been unmanageable.

The Goals

By identifying destructive behaviors and correcting them, this therapy works to help patients make positive, healthy choices. In turn, as you might imagine, this not only makes emotional regulation more palatable, it decreases stress levels as well. By that same token, many have found positive, healthy, and constructive ways to “self-soothe” through this treatment as well.


One skill that this therapy helps with is sometimes called “Distress Tolerance.” Essentially, this helps someone to deal with a painful event (or a potentially painful event) by increasing their resilience. Another method associated with this therapy: mindfulness. Instead of worrying about what may happen or what has, mindfulness helps the patient to be fully “present,” only thinking about this moment, right here, right now. In turn, this helps the patient to develop the necessary tools to overcome constant negative judgments. That’s true for themselves and others.

Therapy for Successful Treatment

This therapy has helped so many to be better able to express their needs in positive ways, set healthy limits, and, in time, negotiate solutions to concerns they have struggled with for so long. While this can be the most effective therapy for many, it won’t be the most effective therapy for all. That’s just one of the reasons why we offer so many different forms of therapy here at Seven Star Recovery. Through this, we’re able to help those in need. To see how we can help you or to learn more information, you can call us at.

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