Detoxification Process

In the interest of helping out those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction, we at Seven Star Recovery want to make sure that people are always informed about what the recovery process looks like. After all, treatment is only made scarier by a lack of information about it. One of the most misunderstood components of rehabilitation treatments is the detoxification process, which is a key stage in the overall recovery journey. Allow us to introduce you to this to clear any doubts you may have

The physical process of detoxification occurs when the body is cleared of its toxins. This takes place mostly in the liver, as the body does everything it can to eliminate a number of waste products, foreign substances, and more. However, with substance abuse, it can be extremely stressful on the body, to put it mildly. The symptoms of withdrawal can be terrible indeed, which is just one of the reasons to have your detox overseen by our professionals at Seven Star Recovery. Below, we explain a bit about how we handle the detox process.


When you arrive at Seven Star Recovery, you’ll go through a thorough evaluation. To call this “thorough” may be an understatement. This physical and psychological evaluation will cover your medical history, your addiction, and much more. While this evaluation may, potentially, at times feel invasive, it’s all done for one reason – to provide you with the best detox and recovery. The information from this evaluation will be used to put together your treatment plan. Through this, you’ll get a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs.

Detox: Never Easy, but Easier Than It Would Be

From there, you’ll likely then move into our detox. There is no way to sugarcoat this: it could be difficult. The detox process is difficult for everyone. Optimistically, your detox (or the detox of someone that you care about) will be efficient, simple, and quick. However, if it is challenging, we will be there to help. Our staff will watch over you 24/7, so you can rest assured that you are always in good hands. That way, if there is an emergency, or even if you’re in discomfort, we can take the steps necessary to alleviate those symptoms at a moment’s notice. While there may be no way to make detox “easy,” we certainly can make it easier.

A Fresh Start

A detox may feel interminable. It may seem like it’s lasting forever. However, it will end. When it does, your body will be free of toxic substances. From there, you can, quite literally, start over. At this point, we can further put our treatment plan into motion. You’ll receive all of the therapy, treatment, and benefits that Seven Star Recovery has to offer. The idea of detox can be scary. To feel that way is perfectly understandable. To talk to someone about how to go through it the right way, we’re always available at (818) 390-9817.

Detoxification Process

Detoxification Process

A lot of people think that, in order to recover from substance abuse, the first step will be to find a rehab program. While this is partially true, it skips a particularly important step in the process: detoxification. Now, the detoxification process consists of the more medical component of the overall treatment, by which we mean that it’s the stage in which the body itself is re-regulated in order to set it up for recovery. Without detoxification, the body itself will start going through severe withdrawal symptoms, which will not only increase the craving impulses but could also potentially hurt the person in question.

The Need For Detoxification

Substance abuse attacks the body in very broad ways, creating physiological dependence that can be hard to overcome. The body becomes used to the constant intake of the substance, to the point in which it needs it in order to function somewhat normally. The whiplash created by suddenly cutting the use of the substance can be quite harmful to the body, not to mention difficult on the person who is trying to recover. For a person to be in the right emotional mindset and physical condition to undergo rehabilitation, it will be very helpful for them to first go through detoxification. This should always be the first step on the path to recovery.

What Comes After Detoxification?

After the detoxification process, comes rehabilitation. Now, a lot of people have a very limited idea of what rehabilitation is actually like, thinking of it as a restrictive, austere treatment program that feels miserable. However, that’s not the case at all, or at least it doesn’t have to be. Seven Star Recovery, a luxury drug rehab near you, can provide those struggling with addiction with a pleasant, comfortable environment for them to get started on their recovery. This is not just for the sake of aesthetics but, rather, to make sure that the patient is able to open themselves up emotionally to the progress, setting themselves up for a successful, long-lasting recovery.

Finding the Right Rehab Program

It’s no surprise that rehab is going to be a very personal process for the person in question for a variety of reasons. It is a recovery journey that requires a lot of vulnerability on the part of the patient, which is bound to be taxing for just about anyone. This means that it’s going to be a lot better for the patient if they find themselves in an environment that encourages this sort of openness. That is why it’s so important to find the right rehabilitation facility for each patient, allowing them to really open themselves up to the possibilities of treatment and, of course, recovery. For the most comfort, a luxury drug rehab near you can be the perfect option.

Luxury Drug Rehab Near You at Seven Star Recovery

At Seven Star Recovery, we always want to make sure that we are providing those who need it with optimal addiction care, detoxification process, and rehabilitation services that actually encourage self-reflection and improvement on the part of the patient. Through luxury rehab near you, we mean to address specific needs with the help of universal values. If that is something you feel you might need help with, you can give us a call at (818) 495-8883 or email us at for more information about our treatment programs.