Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Therapy forms the backbone of our treatment. Here at Seven Star Recovery, every patient receives a treatment plan made for their unique, specific needs. There’s nothing “cookie-cutter” here. Instead, when you arrive, you’ll go through a thorough medical evaluation from our trained professionals. Then, that information is used to build your treatment plan. All include one form of therapy or another. Perhaps the most common is “CBT” or “Cognitive Behavior Therapy.”

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Therapy Goals

In essence, this therapy works to find the connections between your feelings, your thoughts, your actions, and more, and then to increase your awareness of how each of those impact your recovery. In time, your therapist will work with you to build better self-help tools, so that you’ll be able to improve your moods in healthy, positive ways. Additionally, you’ll develop stronger communication skills as well, that will serve you throughout your life. Another benefit: you’ll be able to overcome those root causes that may have led to addiction.

How CBT Works

Through this therapy, patients work with their therapists to find those thought patterns that have harmed the patient. Then, together, the patient will discover alternative, more positive and healthy thinking. Through this, patients will be able to overcome self-destructive thoughts and beliefs that may have held the patient back for so long. This can be done in individual therapy but it may also be done in group therapy as well.

Help With Addiction

This therapy can specifically help with addiction in that it assists patients in recognizing triggering circumstances and then recotextualizing them and/or avoiding them, if necessary. By that same token, it can help the patient to improve their self-control in a multitude of ways, not the least of which is developing coping strategies that can help when they’re faced with temptation and cravings.

A Therapy for Your Treatment

Each of our therapists has helped so many throughout the years to develop the kinds of strategies and skill sets that enable our patients to lead healthy, happy, and sober lives long after they’ve left Seven Star Recovery. If you’ve been thinking about getting help for yourself (or there’s someone in your life who you believe may be struggling with addiction) there is no better time than now. We know how difficult it can be to make that first step, to reach out. We’re here to answer your call. You can reach us at.

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