At Seven Star Recovery, we offer as many different treatment methods as possible. By doing so, we’re able to help as many people as we can to live the healthy, sober lives that they want. This extends to therapy. We offer individual and group therapy, as well as kinds of therapy you may be familiar with, such as CBT and DBT. However, we also offer other therapies that some clients are less familiar with, such as “ACT.” That acronym stands for “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.” We’ve found that this can be very effective for helping someone struggling with addiction.

What “ACT” Means

In addition to “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,” in this context, “ACT” can also stand for “Accept your thoughts and emotions,” as well as “Choose a valued direction” and finally “take action.” This empowering therapy can help someone to, in a very real way, take control of their life.

How “ACT” Can Work

While every person struggling with addiction is different with different needs, some strategies for acceptance could include observing the weaknesses you may have while acknowledging your strengths, allowing thoughts or even feelings to come to you without feeling like you must act upon, realizing that you are in control of what you feel, how you think, and how you react, and so forth. These are just some of what this therapy may cover, in a safe environment with an experienced professional therapist.

The Principles of ACT

There are six core principles to ACT in addition to “acceptance.” “Cognitive defusion” is important. While the word “defusion” may have a negative context, in ACT, it means to learn methods to reduce the habit of thinking that your thoughts, images, emotions, and memories are “concrete,” and absolutely real.

ACT in the Now

Another principle is to have “contact with the present moment,” so that you’re experiencing the “here and now” with openness as well as receptiveness and mindfulness. This also focuses on observing yourself, discovering the values that are important to you, and committing real, tangible action based on goals set according to your values.

Experienced Therapists to Help

ACT has proven to be one of the more effective forms of therapy for our clients. However, it’s not for every client. When you arrive at Seven Star, you’ll go through a comprehensive evaluation from one of our medical professionals. With the information gleaned from that, they’ll put together a treatment plan that’s just right for you. It may include ACT or it could include one of many other effective therapeutic treatments. To start the process, you can reach us at (888) 460-7776