Have you or someone close to you been using opiates such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, heroin, and the like? Then there is a chance that this could lead to serious medical problems in the future. To avoid these problems from becoming too much for one’s body to handle, a drug detox program can help get rid of the addiction!

What Is A Drug Detox Program?

Drug detox is how one rids their body of any harmful toxins. It takes roughly 5-7 days for this process to be completed successfully, though it can vary depending on how much and how often one uses drugs. It begins with receiving medical assistance to manage withdrawal symptoms before the process fully commences. Once this is done, patients then move into outpatient treatment, where they can go home in between sessions.

Why Is This Program Important?

According to reports, around 38% of American adults battled substance abuse disorder in 2017. In addition, 1 out of 8 adults struggled with substance abuse disorder and mental health disorder. These numbers are concerning, and thus there is a dire need for more awareness regarding detox and other programs.

Drug Detox Program

Types Of Detox Programs

Dealing with drug detox can be challenging, so it is best to enroll in a professional treatment center where you can be guaranteed a safe and effective withdrawal from addiction. There are different drug detox programs depending on the severity of addiction and medical history. Some of the most common types include:

  • Medical detox — A program designed to provide a safe and comfortable transition period from the drug of choice, with medical supervision.
  • Drug Tapering — Individualized plans to slowly decrease the consumption of drugs, otherwise known as detoxification.
  • At-home-detox — This is for patients who are not severely addicted to the substance. Some drug detoxes can be completed at home with medical supervision.
  • Cold turkey — This is the most common form of detox. It involves abrupt cessation of drug use, accompanied by physical symptoms managed with medication.

What Can You Expect During Detox?

A drug detox program is designed to help ease the withdrawal process, physically and emotionally exhausting. Depending on how dependent one is on drugs, one may experience drug detox side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, and insomnia. However, the body and mind begin to heal once use is stopped and the process of detoxification begins.

How Long Does The Drug Detox Last?

Drug detox varies depending on how much and how often one uses drugs. It usually takes at least one to two weeks, but it may be longer depending on individual needs. Since addiction can have a more profound emotional impact on some patients than others, one must receive support throughout the process. It includes attending therapy sessions to work through any unresolved issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Intensive treatment programs have been known to help patients recover from the physical and psychological effects of addiction more quickly than going through detox on one’s own. Some patients can complete their withdrawal process in less than a week with medically supervised detox.

What Next After The Detox Program?

After completing the program, some patients enroll themselves in a treatment program. It would include various types of therapy, such as individual and group sessions, that help patients work through their unresolved issues more efficiently. What makes these programs different from an essential detox is that it helps address the underlying cause of addiction so one can effectively prevent relapse.

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